back to the classroom

As I hustle to complete my household chores and projects on this last weekend of summer break, I’ve been reflecting quite a bit. That’s what teachers do, right? 

Tuesday is district-wide PD, followed by staff meetings. Wednesday is teacher work day. And, students return on Thursday. Monday is still open, but I’ll be having conversations with some of the site admins. Those conversations will be centered on what I can do to support teachers remotely. 

This year, I have been involuntarily transferred to a middle school to pick up three classes, with the rest of the reserved for tech TOSA work. So, here’s the questions I’m pondering: 

  • How does a TOSA support teachers at other sites while teaching periods 2, 3, & 7 at a middle school? 
  • Should I take that yearbook stipend and tackle that project? 
  • What’s the deadline for Spring semester enrollment into an EdD program? 

fall CUE

S T O K E D 

When it came to submitting proposals, I’ve sat on the fence for the last three years. 

Oddly enough, I can’t explain why it took so long for me to commit. Ideas and strategies were plentiful. Fear was a non-issue. Travel funds were sufficient. 

Pretty sure it was two events that provided the momentum: 

  • the EdCamp Sacramento at Westlake Charter 
  • the 2018 LEAD3 Symposium in San Francisco 

And, more importantly, it was the people at these events—my CapCUE peeps and amazing people from ACSA at TICAL. Thank you, friends. #bettertogether 

radical candor

Care personally 

Challenge directly 

I’ve been thinking about this chart a lot lately. 

Really, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions about this chart and how it relates to my role as a TOSA. What does this look like in all interactions: 

  • as a colleague across the district?
  • as a liaison to district office staff?
  • as support personnel to site administrative staff?
  • as an ambassador to parents?
  • as a classroom teacher?

That sweet spot in the upper, right corner of the chart (“radical candor”) is crucial, in all aspects of education. But, what does that look like?