My son’s JV soccer team (Vista del Lago High School) beat their crosstown rivals (Folsom High School) 2-0 tonight. It was a good game, and the boys played hard. While the Freshman and Varsity teams didn’t win, it was great to see the boys support each other. 

Winning the Crosstown Cup was a big deal for my son’s team. No JV team has won the title in the nine years that the event had been held, but the boys didn’t seem to care about the pressure. They played their game and even shared a few smiles on the field while Folsom HS started losing their composure. 

It was nice to see our boys keep their cool, and play with confidence. They weren’t worried about the title, and the accolades that come with winning this this event for the first time. No pressure. 

The pressure and anxiety kids face us something I’ve been thinking about lately. This article makes the case that many kids are anxious, about a lot of things. Spoiler alert: some parents and teachers are to blame. 


Google PD

Drove to the city of Georgetown today. This was my view along the way, somewhere near Coloma. 

Did a PD session for the elementary school that is slowly moving to Google Suite. I had a really nice intro lesson planned for the 90 minute session, but I decided to scrap most of it. 

Even though the school has just begun rolling out Google Suite, many of the staff have been tinkering with Google Apps on their own time. Love that! 

So I stopped about 10 minutes into my presentation and asked, “how many of you would rather spend this time asking me questions?” Almost all agreed, except for that one teacher...there’s always one. 

But, the others were excited to explore the things that mattered to them. There so many questions about nuts & bolts: 

  • How do we create a shared calendar? 
  • How can I use the quiz feature in Forms? 
  • How can I turn off email notifications for Classroom? 
  • How do the permission settings for file sharing work? 
It was a good, productive day. And, I can’t wait to go back. 


Long day, but worth it. Got to watch my son play at his home school against a tough team. Literally. This team is physical and a bit aggressive. 

In the previous match against this team, my son’s team beat them 1-0 in a scrappy 80 minutes of soccer. Tonight, my son’s team beat them 7-2. 

But, the highlight of this game was watching my son & his team stay true to the game. They got shoved, elbowed, and kicked but they all held themselves to a higher standard. They didn’t dish it back. 

And, I love those boys for being such good sports. I asked my son, like I often do, what the coach said to them during halftime. He said the coach simply said, “I’m proud of you boys. You’re playing your game, not theirs. Keep it up.” 

That’s pretty simple, but so powerful. 

[I feel like there are so many more analogies that could be explored here. The usual sports as leadership, team morale, etc. Sure I was happy that my son’s team won, but I was more proud of the team’s composure.] 

management & measurement

Monday’s Twitter #TOSAchat centered on goals. Participants were asked to select either personal or professional goal(s). One of the follow-up questions centered on tracking that goal. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

Makes sense. And, I admit that I have a horrible track record of measuring and assessing personal goals. So, I’ve decided to start a weekly check-in for my personal goals. Of course, I’ll be using my tried and true pocket notebooks. 

I like using the pocket notebooks because it has a layer of privacy and also because I am oldAF. Just kidding, but I do sometimes feel old! The last four years, I have used a similar system for my TOSA work. 

That analog system works well for me because I can quickly go back to my bulleted lists. I can quickly track progress, and readjust if needed. And, it never needs charging or system updates! 

the process

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Planning for TOSA projects has suddenly taken on new meaning, as teachers return from the holiday with lots of ideas. 

My inbox is full of email threads, and I am in the process of corresponding with teacher requests. I am also teaching 2 class periods of Digital Media & Design at the middle school every morning (34% of contract). It’s busy! And, I’m not complaining. 

The process is what you make it. I like to make my process intentional. It’s more rewarding that way. 



picture & print: analog research lab