Remember that part about promoting what you love, instead of bashing what you hate? 

The world needs more of that. 


Got outside my comfort zone and decided to participate in #sketchcue (even though I will not be attending CUE18 in Palm Springs). 

And, I’ve challenged myself even further by attempting the 50 sketches all in analog. Kinda wishing I would have accepted the blog365 challenge, but I don’t want to peak too soon. 

Day 1: arrows 

Day 2: banners 


A few weeks ago, #tosachat posted a question about inspiration. I replied that I find inspiration in design and art. 

This poster by Anthony Burrill (printed in collaboration with Another Fine Mess) appeared in my feed yesterday. And, it’s a perfect example of why good design motivates me. 

It go me thinking about strategies, again. It made me realize that any good strategy starts with inquiry. Nothing new, right? Teacher 101. 

But, it’s a solid reminder. In any Project Based Learning approach, the questions drive the research. Those questions yield answers, but often lead to more questions...and hopefully lead to more answers.

Ask more questions. 
Get more answers. 


I’ve been thinking about strategies this weekend. That’s because, I typically spend a bit of time on Saturday catching up on twitter feeds and blog posts, digesting all the amazing things other TOSAs and Teacher Leaders are sharing. This Saturday, it seemed that many of these posts centered on strategy. 

  • Strategies for teaching with technology. 
  • Strategies for student engagement.
  • Strategies for measuring student learning. 
  • Strategies for tech-averse teachers. 
My takeaway from all these insightful articles and posts: it seems that I’m not the only TOSA who struggles with these concepts. 

In my third year as a TOSA, effective strategies have become even more challenging. I feel like I’m moving forward, but I also believe that my strategies need realignment.