Spring Break

Time to reassess strategies, focus on the remainder of the school year, and look ahead to 2018-2019. 

I won’t be traveling for Spring Break. No fancy trips or spectacular destinations this year. Instead, I’ll be doing all the glamorous stuff like cleaning the pool, painting a bedroom or two, replacing a toilet valve, and organizing the garage. 

And, because I can’t completely disengage from work, I’ll be mapping out plans for PD and assessing student growth. 


Remember that part about promoting what you love, instead of bashing what you hate? 

The world needs more of that. 


Got outside my comfort zone and decided to participate in #sketchcue (even though I will not be attending CUE18 in Palm Springs). 

And, I’ve challenged myself even further by attempting the 50 sketches all in analog. Kinda wishing I would have accepted the blog365 challenge, but I don’t want to peak too soon. 

Day 1: arrows 

Day 2: banners