back in session

Funny how people love to complain about going back to work, especially after a long holiday break. Maybe complain isn’t the right word. Perhaps, whine would be a better descriptor. 

I don’t mean to say that people are seeking sympathy, or that they want someone to hear how horrible their life has become. Comments about coming “back to work” and the misery of having to actually do work more is such an odd social norm. 

I get it. Who wouldn’t like to take a nap after lunch or sit on the couch and just rest? Self care is crucial. At least, the social-emotional learning PD says it is...and I can see value in it. But, the notion that we should somehow console each other for working with kids is just odd to me. 

I’m excited to come to work every day. I’m sure others feel the same way. Only, that was not the general feeling on the two campuses I visited today. Maybe, I’m just not in the mood to tolerate whining. I’d rather focus on the positive. Like this awesome view on my commute ...