This is my second year as an EdTech TOSA. As the year winds down, I've been thinking about CHANGE. 

  • How has my role changed? 
  • How has my approach changed? 
  • How has my title changed? 
  • What else do I need to change to grow as a teacher/learner? 
  • Who has something to teach me? 
  • Why do some people fail to understand the significance of the turn signal? 

Maybe that last one can be chalked up to ignorance. Maybe some people just like to be mysterious. Maybe I'm just off-topic. 

But, the blinking lights (the “shiny things”) do have a role in my growth—they signal change. As my role in the district moves toward an Instructional Technology Coach, I've observed a slow shift from the blind enthusiasm of “technology in the classroom” to true digital learning. While slow to gain traction, that shift has been a significant change. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

If that is true, I hope this shift in digital learning stays on course...or changes...