plug and play

Giant Three-Way Plug, Scale A

1970-71 | Cor-Ten steel and bronze

—Claes Oldenburg

I’ve been giving connectedness a lot of through lately. Maybe because I’ve been evaluating my social media habits and smartphone usage. That pesky monitor on the new iOS makes me feel like I’m a SHU [Super Heavy User]. 

I like to think that connectedness is on my mind because it’s simply that time of year. Time for the deluge of motivational articles and news stories to appear on my feed. Since late December, I’ve seen the most of the usual clichés...

  • Join the gym! 
  • Unclutter your closet! 
  • Cut out unhealthy relationships! 
  • Get a makeover! 
  • Eat healthy! 
It’s never that simple, though. It’s not a red pill vs. blue pill choice. It takes deliberations and practice. It takes raw power. It requires us to connect with something or someone.