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This past year was an interesting one. A lot has happened, and it’s given me numerous things to ponder as 2019 starts. Trust that I have given a lot of time to 2018’s resolutions. 

No, that’s not the best word. Resolutions are concrete, and the inflexibility inherent in the word seems like a recipe for failure. I prefer to think of them as intentions or goals. 

On twitter, facebook, and Instagram I’ve read the posts of other’s that dance around the nuance of resolutions in the face of adverse situations. I read about the obstacles and the difficult situations that make resolutions difficult to achieve. I’m not saying these posts are wrong, or poorly written. I’m just saying that resolutions are tricky. 

And, that’s why I prefer to focus on intentions. I realize some might say intentions are merely an excuse. The intentions often sound something like: 

  • “I meant to do that PBL unit with my students.”
  • “I wanted to sign up for that online class but I couldn’t find the time.”
  • “I tried to implement this new program but administration denied it.” 

Intentions can seem a lot like apathy, I suppose. However, I like to think that intentions can be a habit. And, all habits can either be a benefit or a hazard. This year, I will make it a habit to ask myself if my intentions that support my goals. If they don’t, I need to change my habits.