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I am now officially enrolled in the last required class to complete my application for a California Preliminary Administrative Credential.  

For this class, I met with my Director and labored over something called a "Field Experience plan." I updated my resume to reflect my experience as an #EdTech #TOSA during the 2015-2016 school year. Really, I've only started to complete the items necessary to pass this class. There's a lot left to do, and I'll be documenting along the way (in my Field Notes!). As much as I love technology, there just something cool about analog notes.

I look forward to learning and teaching as an Instructional Technologist for the school year. 2016-2017 sounds so far away, but August 8th is just around the corner. 

For this class, I also submitted a statement, of sorts. And, trust that there will be numerous statements in my Field Notes. I started thinking about that word, and exactly what could be meant by a statement

Statements are curious things. Could a statement be a synonym for affirmation, assertion, announcement, or proclamation? Is it biased? Is it scientific? Maybe both. But it reminded me of a quote I once read...

❝Never use a statement when a question can make the same point.❞

❉ image by Ben Tambling