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Took a short trip to St. Louis, and had the chance to visit Central Print. Awesome people doing awesome work—encouraging kids to create with analog print methods. If you're in the downtown STL area, you should stop by and say hello. Better yet, sign up for a class! 

Central Print is a non-profit arts organization with a mission to promote the art of letterpress printmaking by providing workshops, classes, and programs focusing on the use and preservation of historic printing equipment.

It is our vision to preserve the craft of letterpress printmaking, expand, and modernize its use while building awareness of St. Louis’ historical role in the development and growth of printing.

analog video treasures


You now own the world's finest screen. 

Pamphlet attached to a portable video screen, found stashed in the corner of the school video lab. Love the (now vintage) typography and illustrations.  

Looking for other treasures today as I charge our iPads, 360Fly, and GoPro I smile thinking how awesome it is that these students have access to this modern equipment. 

Today's students are able to create videos instead of simply consume some reel-to-reel film.