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management & measurement

Monday’s Twitter #TOSAchat centered on goals. Participants were asked to select either personal or professional goal(s). One of the follow-up questions centered on tracking that goal. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

Makes sense. And, I admit that I have a horrible track record of measuring and assessing personal goals. So, I’ve decided to start a weekly check-in for my personal goals. Of course, I’ll be using my tried and true pocket notebooks. 

I like using the pocket notebooks because it has a layer of privacy and also because I am oldAF. Just kidding, but I do sometimes feel old! The last four years, I have used a similar system for my TOSA work. 

That analog system works well for me because I can quickly go back to my bulleted lists. I can quickly track progress, and readjust if needed. And, it never needs charging or system updates! 

Spring Break

Time to reassess strategies, focus on the remainder of the school year, and look ahead to 2018-2019. 

I won’t be traveling for Spring Break. No fancy trips or spectacular destinations this year. Instead, I’ll be doing all the glamorous stuff like cleaning the pool, painting a bedroom or two, replacing a toilet valve, and organizing the garage. 

And, because I can’t completely disengage from work, I’ll be mapping out plans for PD and assessing student growth.