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new orbit

I’m doing it. I am truly going to do it. 

I will be doing the January blogging challenge. And, that it is something that is totally out of my orbit. 

There is no agenda, and no method to my topics. At least, I am going into this with the simple idea that I need to share my learning. I’m sure there is an Instagram and Twitter hashtag for this challenge, but I can’t seem to find it. 

Why blog? The last few years, I’ve reflected on my teaching (and my life) a lot. Sometimes just to keep the crazy in check. However, I realized that my reflections weren’t documented accurately. I often wished that I had captured more images or more detail. 

In the past, I’ve used a trusty analog notebook for notions, reflections, and thoughts. And, I use(d) my phone (& various apps) to document my life like most of us do. So, consistent blogging is a new orbit for me. Here goes...

—illustration by Draplin

palindrome week


The local news mentioned that this week is Palindrome Week. And, that made me think that next year's Palindrome Week won't happen until July of 2017 and that is roughly the date I set for myself to start blogging again.   

See, I really need to start blogging again. If nothing else, it may help me makes sense of my learning. This past week has made me realize that I need to communicate my goals, my accomplishments, and my failures. This past year I preached to the students about #failforward, and I intend to practice what I preach.  



Really excited about using this with some of my elementary teachers. Not only can students create a digital portfolio that can be shared with the teacher and parents, they can now blog! The student voice piece of Seesaw is powerful.    

In my opinion, student portfolios are a far better assessment tool than a test or quiz. Portfolios are authentic. Tests are a snapshot. 

Who knows? Maybe someday college entrance requirements will be portfolio based. And, I'd love to get elementary students started on building their portfolio today. 

Check out Seesaw or follow them on twitter