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board meeting

Today, I attended my first CapCUE Board meeting as a Director. I’m excited to be a part of an organization that has inspired me for several years. I’m excited to give back! 

Apparently, I was so excited that I didn’t take any pictures. From 8:30-2:30pm the Board covered a lot of ground. And, I’ve got a lot to digest. But, it’s all good stuff! 

fall CUE

S T O K E D 

When it came to submitting proposals, I’ve sat on the fence for the last three years. 

Oddly enough, I can’t explain why it took so long for me to commit. Ideas and strategies were plentiful. Fear was a non-issue. Travel funds were sufficient. 

Pretty sure it was two events that provided the momentum: 

  • the EdCamp Sacramento at Westlake Charter 
  • the 2018 LEAD3 Symposium in San Francisco 

And, more importantly, it was the people at these events—my CapCUE peeps and amazing people from ACSA at TICAL. Thank you, friends. #bettertogether