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Best not to start a diary on the most exciting day of your life to date. Once normalcy returns and that high dissipates, you’re apt to start slipping.
—Field Notes 56-week planner (inside cover) 

I started the 30-day blogging challenge at the beginning of January. Maybe it was a 28-day blogging challenge? The one sponsored by EduBlogs, I think. At least that’s the hashtag I recall seeing on Twitter. 

January 1st was not the most exciting day of my life. However, I’ve always kept an analog journal. Call it a diary, if you prefer but I do love my analog journals. I’m consistent with them, and I fill several in a calendar year. 

The blogging challenge was new to me. And, I’m glad I accepted the challenge. It has given me some insight about my digital habits. I never did install the tracker in the new iOS, but I did start to realize how much time I’ve spent curating and perusing. 

That is precious time that could be spent reflecting, writing, or creating. It’s also made me think that I need to delete a few social apps, not only because they’re a time-suck but also because of privacy issues. Looking at you, facebook. 

Spending the three-day weekend with friends and family, I tried my best to go on a digital diet. Meaning, no social media and no posts. No likes. No follows. No crap. It wasn’t the most exciting days of my life, but it sure was enjoyable. So, my new motto is: 

Less curating, more creating.