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My son’s JV soccer team (Vista del Lago High School) beat their crosstown rivals (Folsom High School) 2-0 tonight. It was a good game, and the boys played hard. While the Freshman and Varsity teams didn’t win, it was great to see the boys support each other. 

Winning the Crosstown Cup was a big deal for my son’s team. No JV team has won the title in the nine years that the event had been held, but the boys didn’t seem to care about the pressure. They played their game and even shared a few smiles on the field while Folsom HS started losing their composure. 

It was nice to see our boys keep their cool, and play with confidence. They weren’t worried about the title, and the accolades that come with winning this this event for the first time. No pressure. 

The pressure and anxiety kids face us something I’ve been thinking about lately. This article makes the case that many kids are anxious, about a lot of things. Spoiler alert: some parents and teachers are to blame.