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Being a typography nerd, I follow quite a font designers, printers, and lettering artists. Mostly, I follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Although, I admit that I’m sometimes lacking on curating lists of favorites. I still default to my RSS reader app when I have a free moment to peruse new posts. 

This print appeared in my feed recently. I had seen it last year, along with some of his other prints, when his book was published. Maybe it was several years ago. It’s by Anthony Burrill, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a good reminder, and provided a little inspiration for today. 

*print by Anthony Burrill


I am now officially enrolled in the last required class to complete my application for a California Preliminary Administrative Credential.  

For this class, I met with my Director and labored over something called a "Field Experience plan." I updated my resume to reflect my experience as an #EdTech #TOSA during the 2015-2016 school year. Really, I've only started to complete the items necessary to pass this class. There's a lot left to do, and I'll be documenting along the way (in my Field Notes!). As much as I love technology, there just something cool about analog notes.

I look forward to learning and teaching as an Instructional Technologist for the school year. 2016-2017 sounds so far away, but August 8th is just around the corner. 

For this class, I also submitted a statement, of sorts. And, trust that there will be numerous statements in my Field Notes. I started thinking about that word, and exactly what could be meant by a statement

Statements are curious things. Could a statement be a synonym for affirmation, assertion, announcement, or proclamation? Is it biased? Is it scientific? Maybe both. But it reminded me of a quote I once read...

❝Never use a statement when a question can make the same point.❞

❉ image by Ben Tambling