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Conference season

The first trimester is drawing to a close. That means parent conferences are just around the corner. Soon, you'll be preparing files of student work and assessments, and you'll be scheduling appointments. 

Then, you may start to anticipate what questions the parents may ask about their student. You compile all the information needed to ensure that the conference is a success. You have numerous examples of student work, print-outs of online scores, and all the data necessary to support your observations. 

You're excited to share this information with parents, because you know that it will help their child succeed. But, then the questions start to form in your head: 

  • What does the parent think about their child's learning? 
  • What does the student think about his or her learning? 
  • Does these examples of student work and assessments truly reflect this child's abilities?
  • Does this child have a growth mindset, and how I do foster that in him/her?

There's a lot going on in that 20-30 minute time slot. Why not leverage technology to make the most of it? 

Google Forms can simplify these conversations, and give you the opportunity to really speak to the student's strengths as well as areas for improvement. Think of using Google Forms this way: you can quickly collect information from parents, and the student, prior to the conference. As a bonus, students get a voice in their learning and growth. 

Student Self-Reflection example 

Parent Pre-Conference example