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I’ve been thinking a lot about workflow lately. As a TOSA for seven schools, there is a lot to manage: 

  • f2f meetings 
  • in-class demo lessons
  • lesson strategies 
  • site PD sessions 
  • weekly updates with IT
  • school events/assemblies 
  • PTO meetings

Managing these things within a digital calendar seems like it should be easy, right? At least, it should be efficient. However, I keep going back to my analog calendar method. 

This past trimester, I tried to use only digital calendars for managing my work. I really tried to abstain from using an analog method. 

Change your workflow—change your life. 

Only, the Trimester is over. And, now I find that I gravitate back to my pocket notebook when it comes to managing my time. Scheduling can still be done on my Google calendar, but paper just seems easier to manage. 

As much as I love technology, I still need my paper. So, the questions I’ve been asking myself lately: where’s the value in continuing to use a digital calendar, and does using an analog calendar make me a hypocrite?